Invest in a Lawn Care Package

Invest in a Lawn Care Package

A lush, green lawn may not be as high on your to-do list as a vegetable garden or flowerbeds, but it’s a key part of your home’s curb appeal. Invest in a lawn care package to help make your outdoor maintenance tasks more manageable and save you time.

During spring and summer, apply Lawn Boost for a healthy, thick sward that resists weeds. In the autumn, use Viano Autumn lawn treatment to destroy and prevent moss while stimulating a disease resistant sward. Finish the season with a winter lawn feed that helps to enhance your turf’s cold tolerance.

Lawn Care Basics

Lawn care involves promoting the health of turf grass and soil. Healthy lawns are less prone to weeds, disease and insect damage. They are also able to withstand drought conditions. A well-managed lawn provides many environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits to homeowners.

The goal of lawn care is to produce a well-groomed and attractive yard that meets the needs/expectations of the homeowner. This is best achieved through proper mowing, fertilizing and watering practices. Ideally, the soil should be rich in organic matter and alive with microorganisms that help plants absorb nutrients. Adding compost and other organic materials to the soil in the spring and fall is a good way to improve these properties.

Grass grows best in well-drained, loamy soils. To promote this, amend the soil with organic material (such as compost) in the fall before establishing the lawn.

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