What Is A Biopsychosocial Assessment And How To Create It

The purpose of this blog is to discuss biopsychosocial assessments and the processes involved in conducting one. Engel’s theory explains biopsychosocial assessment. It is a method of determining what the cause of someone’s problems is by taking into account biological, social, and psychological factors. George Engel developed the acronym in 1977. Biological, psychological, and social factors played a large role […]

What Are The Characteristics Of Life – Definition With Examples

Science of life is biology, but what is the definition of life? Defining life can be a challenge, even if it seems obvious. In Virology, researchers study viruses, which resemble living entities in some respects but lack in others. Biologists define life as meeting the criteria that include being able to cause disease, reproduce, and attack living organisms. A virologist, […]

Extracellular Fluid – Composition And Fluid Flow

As life begins, water solutions play a key role in chemical reactions. In addition to dissolved substances, a solution also contains solutes. A human body consists of a wide variety of solutes, including proteins – the ones that transport lipids, carbohydrates, and, most importantly, electrolytes. As used in medicine, an electrolyte is mineral-free from the charge carried by a salt […]

What Is Intercellular Fluid And What Is Its Composition?

Intracellular Fluid: What Is It? Inside and outside of human cells, fluids are present. It is estimated that the water within the cell makes up about 42% of its weight. Intracellular fluid is the fluid within cells. A semipermeable membrane that surrounds the cell separates the extracellular fluid from the intracellular fluid. A cell’s intracellular fluid (ICF) is contained within […]