What is Parent Function & How to Find It?

As you work with functions and their graphs, you’ll notice that most functions’ graphs follow similar patterns. This is because functions with the same degree will have similar curves and share the same parent functions. A parent function represents the simplest form of a family of functions. This definition perfectly summarizes what parent functions are. When graphing functions that are […]

What are Diatomic Elements & How to Remember Them?

The diatomic elements don’t like being alone – so much so that they aren’t found as single atoms. They’re always made up of two atoms of the same pure element bonded together. The name is right there: Di- means “two,” and Atomic means “of atoms.” And elements are the fundamental building blocks of the universe. There are only seven diatomic […]

Antiderivative calculator: Aquick way to compute antiderivatives

The antiderivative calculator calculates the integral value of a function. Integration is the process of finding an antiderivative function. To put it another way, it is the reverse of differentiation. Therefore, the antiderivative is also known as the integral of a function. The antiderivative is the function that converses what the derivative does. One function of the derivative has many […]

Bass Clef Notes: Let’s learn to read its names

As we know, musicians use treble clef in high-pitched instruments like violin, flute, and the upper half of the piano. However, some instruments play low sounds like the cello, the double bass, and the lower half of the piano, amongst others, because of their low pitch. Low-sounding instruments use a different class. The bass clef refers to F-Class, and the […]

Virtual Meeting – Are They The New Trends?

It is a form of online communication in which people meet by video, audio, and text, regardless of their location. Virtual meetings allow people to share information, experiences, and data without having to physically be present at the same location. Meetings with virtual participants are usually conducted using video teleconferencing software, for example, Microsoft’s Skype or Adobe’s Connect or Zoom, […]

What Is The Meaning Of Species Diversity?

The diversity of species in a given community is defined as the number of species within it. To obtain the same mean proportional species abundance as observed in the data set of interest, the effective number of species must be the same as that observed in it. In an area with an equal abundance of all species, biodiversity is greatest. […]

What Is Intercellular Fluid And What Is Its Composition?

Intracellular Fluid: What Is It? Inside and outside of human cells, fluids are present. It is estimated that the water within the cell makes up about 42% of its weight. Intracellular fluid is the fluid within cells. A semipermeable membrane that surrounds the cell separates the extracellular fluid from the intracellular fluid. A cell’s intracellular fluid (ICF) is contained within […]

Horizontal Stretch – Graphical Representation And Solutions

In some cases the graphs appear similar, but they may have different widths – and this is something that you may have already experienced. This might be because they may have been stretched horizontally by extending their base function. There are a number of techniques for writing functions graphs, but one of the most popular ones is horizontal stretching. Therefore, […]

Parent Functions And Their Examples

A parent function is when two functions are very close to each other and create a new function out of them. Exactly how similar does it get? In the same way that we and our family members share similar characteristics, genes, and behaviors, families of functions share similar algebraic properties, have similar graphs, and behave in similar ways. As an […]