What Is Geotextile Fabric And Its Importance

An erosion control material, drainage aid, or soil stabilization geotextile is usually defined as any textile material that can permeate the soil. In other words, if it is buried in the ground and made of fabric, it is probably a geotextile! The use of geotextiles fabrics dates back to the Pharaohs of Egypt thousands of years ago. In the early […]

Extracellular Fluid – Composition And Fluid Flow

As life begins, water solutions play a key role in chemical reactions. In addition to dissolved substances, a solution also contains solutes. A human body consists of a wide variety of solutes, including proteins – the ones that transport lipids, carbohydrates, and, most importantly, electrolytes. As used in medicine, an electrolyte is mineral-free from the charge carried by a salt […]

What Is A Biopsychosocial Assessment And How To Create It

The purpose of this blog is to discuss biopsychosocial assessments and the processes involved in conducting one. Engel’s theory explains biopsychosocial assessment. It is a method of determining what the cause of someone’s problems is by taking into account biological, social, and psychological factors. George Engel developed the acronym in 1977. Biological, psychological, and social factors played a large role […]

What Is Areolar Tissue And Understanding Its Functions

Loose areolar tissue is one type of human tissue. It is essential to all other tissues as it provides strength, elasticity, and metabolic support at virtually every site both internally and externally. A scaffold of cells and structures can be compared to it as it supports surrounding structures and maintains homeostasis. Cells and fibers are several components of connective tissue […]

Viajar Conjugation In Spanish Language

It would seem that traveling is the most fun thing that you can do in life. I would like to ask you: what about learning a foreign language? It is like traveling from one culture to another, learning a new language one word at a time and navigating around a totally different culture. If you are an international student learning […]

Spanish Language Verb Seguir Conjugation – Usage And Examples

Following or chasing, or continuing, is the common meaning of the Spanish verb seguir. Unlike other regular -ir verbs, follow follows a different conjugation pattern. There are only a few other verbs in the same conjugation pattern, such as getting (to get, attain, or achieve) and pursuing (to pursue, prosecute, or persecute). In contrast, there are verbs with similar conjugations […]

Parent Functions And Their Examples

A parent function is when two functions are very close to each other and create a new function out of them. Exactly how similar does it get? In the same way that we and our family members share similar characteristics, genes, and behaviors, families of functions share similar algebraic properties, have similar graphs, and behave in similar ways. As an […]

How To Calculate Formal Charge In Chemistry

There is a formal charge present in polyatomic molecules, which refers to the charges held by each of the atoms in turn. It is important to realize that fraudulent charges contribute to only a single atom of the structure. In the structure of a molecule or compound, the actual charge is distributed throughout the entire structure, and this is the […]