Extemporaneous Speeches – Definition and How to Prepare

Extemporaneous Speeches – Definition and How to Prepare

An extemporaneous speeches is a perfect balance. This speech involves the speaker’s use of notes and some embellishment to give a speech. To clean this up, a speaker who uses this method would have note cards or prompts that guide him from point to point, but he uses his own words as he goes along. What does this different from an impromptu speech is that he has a loose guideline for his speech? He did not remember anything; he just used cues to know where to go next.

There are benefits and disadvantages to this type of speech. For one, the public will think you are a genius. You used a few notes and appeared to know everything about the topic. But this is not something that can be made quickly. The very fact-finding and research used for other types of speeches must be used here. The speaker also need rehearse this speech for timing, rhythm, and flow. Now, if shooting from the hip is not your style, you may want to consider viewing your speech.

Extemporaneous Speeches Preparation in 3 Steps 

These three steps for preparing extemporaneous speech topics will help you do what you have to do: answering the question in case of school assignments or tournaments.

The First Step – Investigate what extemporaneous question you have to answer:

    • Questions of fact – Identified by is and are, or will or would.
    • Questions of value – Characterized by should.
    • Questions of policy – Identified by can and could. They are often used for political discourse.

The Second Step – Decide if it is informative or persuasive—the words what, which, and who indicate that it is an informative issue. The terms should and why suggest that it is a compelling issue.

The Third Step – Ever stay with your subject. In other words: never change the ideas. Now, organize your thoughts and points effectively. You can use the outline technique below. Concentrate on your subject and think about the various angles. Now write those first thoughts quickly down. Catch them in keywords.

Extemporaneous Speaking Without Preparation

Extemporaneous speaking speech matters in three parts to help you do a better job next time you have to speak without preparation. Almost everyone will have to say extemporaneously at some point in their lives, whether it is a simple introduction to a group, presentation for a task, or something more complex occasion.

Most natural communication can fall under the umbrella of the term extemporaneous speech.

But just what is it, and what are the biggest rules to follow so that you know you are giving a real winner extemporaneous speaking talk or address and cure yours on stage fear?

Let’s take a look at my skills that will help you do a better job next time you have to speak without preparation:

Extemporaneous Speech Definition
Extemporaneous Speech Definition

Extemporaneous Speeches Topic Examples

Ready for a couple of extemporaneous speech topics? Here we go:

  1. Can We Blame – name in a team – For Its Defeat?
  2. Why Do I Play Golf? Or another kind of sports
  3. Should – enter in a name – Win a MTV Award?
  4. I’m Only a Paperboy Now, Will I Become A Millionaire?
  5. Who Is the Slowest Person on the Campus and Why?
  6. Should We All Get – fill in a product –?
  7. Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?
  8. Which Moviestar Makes Too Much Money In Comparison To His / Her Merits?
  9. Why Is Barcelona A Special Place To Be? Or any other city or region
  10. Is The X-Box Better Than Playstation?
  11. Will – fill in a name- Become Senator?
  12. Who Is The Best Songwriter?
  13. Could We Say To Our Bosses What’s On Our Mind?
  14. What Television Program Should Be Banned and Why?
  15. Should cruel and very authoritarian principals be sacked – or are there any points in domineering the campus population with accordingly disciplinary fines for them?
  16. Why do we need a Whistle Blower Protection Act – whether we like it or not, they always serve as a replacement or scapegoat anyway?
  17. Does the Bharatiya Janata Party serves a pan Indian ideology, and how did it evolve over the years?
  18. Must we focus more on improving primary education for the poor and historically disadvantaged – and what are the chain reactions for human beings’ overall well-being in society?
  19. Do gays have as several rights as the rest of society does?
  20. Does global warming make the Arctic Sea ice melting, or is it a conspiracy theory to make us believe in investing in alternative power sources? Both sides of the identical coin are extemporaneous public speaking topics you could consider to try out anyway.
  21. Does the world community want to solve the Darfur Sudan problem even the states are now separated?
  22. How can India be persuaded to participate in efforts to tackle global warming, or is it not a prerequisite?
  23. Is the increasing population and economy a threat to India’s environment?
  24. Does the development of tourism in Malaysia open new opportunities?
  25. Should Indian society invest in maintaining peace between Hindus and Muslims?
  26. What are the causes of governmental instability in Pakistan?
  27. Can prime-minister and Democratic Party leader Yukio Hatoyama give a boost to the Japanese economy?
  28. Reasons why Facebook’s popularity is falling?
  29. Is Wikipedia seldom more reliable than, for example, the Online Encyclopaedia Britannica?
  30. Should illegal immigrants receive no doctor care?
  31. Will petroleum be the primary fuel by 2050?
  32. The nature of health care in America is the best in the world, or is it a myth?
  33. Do pharmaceuticals advantage too much from Swine Flu or other Mondial diseases?
  34. Should the Money for Clunkers program be continued due to its success?
  35. Should we continue individual American intelligence personnel involved in outrages committed during the hunt for al-Qaeda members?
  36. Will microloans and community banking be a lifesaver for developing countries?
  37. Did bankers created the recession, and are ordinary characters paying the price?
  38. Should we be scared of internet crime and piracy?
  39. Is this the time to increase taxes?
  40. Should we reduce our tolerance for repeat drunk driving?
  41. Does the amount of abandoned and abused pets swell as the economy has worsened or even closer at home: when the vacation season will soon be in sight.
  42. Will on-campus housing difficulties worsen in the future – what are botherations and squeezing annoyances that should be cleaned up right away>
  43. Should there be penalties for running out of petrol on the motorway?
  44. Should we think of free public transportation (metro, bus, or other forms) in large cities?


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