Methods to Memorise Days of The Week In Spanish?

There are seven days in a week in Spanish: domingo, lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado. Sunday is “domingo,” Monday is “lunes,” Tuesday is “martes,” Wednesday is “miércoles,” Thursday is “jueves,” Friday is “viernes” and Saturday is “sábado.” Each day has a unique name and corresponds with a number. Domingo is the first day of the week, lunes is […]

Viajar Conjugation In Spanish Language

It would seem that traveling is the most fun thing that you can do in life. I would like to ask you: what about learning a foreign language? It is like traveling from one culture to another, learning a new language one word at a time and navigating around a totally different culture. If you are an international student learning […]

Spanish Language Verb Seguir Conjugation – Usage And Examples

Following or chasing, or continuing, is the common meaning of the Spanish verb seguir. Unlike other regular -ir verbs, follow follows a different conjugation pattern. There are only a few other verbs in the same conjugation pattern, such as getting (to get, attain, or achieve) and pursuing (to pursue, prosecute, or persecute). In contrast, there are verbs with similar conjugations […]