What Does AM and PM Stand For

What do am and pm stand for: AM and PM are time designations and they are used on a 12-hour clock. It represents the time before and after midday. There are a number of differences between these time designations. AM is a shorter time, and PM is a long time. In addition, they differ from the 24-hour format. Origin of […]

How to Say “Hello” in Spanish

How to say Hello in Spanish? When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, it is important to be able to greet the locals in their language. Here are the most common techniques to say hello in Spanish: Hola – This is the most common way to say hello in Spanish. We can use both casually and formally. Buenos días – This […]

Conditional Tense Spanish And How To Use It

This is one of the easier Spanish verb tenses to conjugate because of the conditional tense. In Spanish, this tense is called simple conditional or conditional simple. It is easier to conjugate than other tenses since the regular ‘ar’, ‘er’, and ‘ir’ verbs are all the same in conjugation. Additionally, the irregular verbs in these tenses are relatively few. The […]

Dormirse Conjugation In Spanish Language

Spanish verbs can be conjugated in several different ways in order to support each of the verb groups. It is important, therefore, that when studying Spanish, you have an understanding of which verb family a Spanish verb belongs to in order to be able to master Spanish verbs such as sleep (to sleep): ‘Regular’: Follows regular rules for conjugating verbs […]