Parent Functions And Their Examples

A parent function is when two functions are very close to each other and create a new function out of them. Exactly how similar does it get? In the same way that we and our family members share similar characteristics, genes, and behaviors, families of functions share similar algebraic properties, have similar graphs, and behave in similar ways. As an […]

How To Calculate Formal Charge In Chemistry

There is a formal charge present in polyatomic molecules, which refers to the charges held by each of the atoms in turn. It is important to realize that fraudulent charges contribute to only a single atom of the structure. In the structure of a molecule or compound, the actual charge is distributed throughout the entire structure, and this is the […]

What Is The Difference Quotient And How To Calculate It?

As part of understanding the definition of derivatives, it is important first to understand the concept of the difference quotient and its formula. Unlike a percentage or an average, the word “derivative” simply refers to the amount of change in a function. At any moment, the rate of change at any given point is the instantaneous rate of change. A […]

Here Is How You Can Calculate The Derivative Of Absolute Value

Derivatives are defined as the differentiation of the independent variable with respect to the dependent variable. We can solve this by expressing the function for an absolute value of a variable x, and then dividing its value by x. Thus, let’s let x equal absolute value, y = |x| Here is a complete solution step-by-step: In general, we can observe […]

Conseguir Conjugation – Tenses And Commands

Get in Spanish can mean either to get, to achieve or to attain, depending on the context. She always achieves her goals, for example, and I must get / obtain a scholarship. Furthermore, you may also note that the verb get simply follows the prefix with. As long as you know how to conjugate follow, you can simply add the […]

Participant Observation – History, Types and Examples

Participant observation is a qualitative study scheme in which the researcher not only perceives the research associates but also actively involves in the activities of the research participants. This needs the researcher to enhance integration into the associates’ environment while also taking actual notes about what is going on. Most researchers who manage participant observations bear on the role that […]

Intercultural Communication – Definition and Strategies

Intercultural communication is nonverbal and verbal communication among people from various aesthetic backgrounds. Essentially, ‘inter-‘ is a prefix that indicates ‘within’ and cultural means well, from a culture, so this communication is the interaction between cultures. Seldom, this is used to represent an individual trying to communicate in a foreign atmosphere but more often, it is a 2-way path, where […]

Why is College so Expensive? Reasons behind It

Why is College so Expensive? Over the earlier 2 decades, distributed college tuition has grown in price more than any other good or service besides clinic care. The tuition increase has flown at a speedier rate than the cost of medical co-operations, child care, and housing. While large financial aid means that students normally pay far less than the “sticker […]

Dimensional Analysis – Principle, Applications and Example

Where the Dimensional Analysis is used? Matching and switching between various units is a very useful and important skill. We perform this each day without obtaining it. For example, when we follow a procedure, we may require to do easy conversions, similar to switching grams to ounces, or quarts to cups. In math and science, we often change a number […]