How to Calculate the Weight of Water & How Much Does it Weigh?

Calculating the weight of water might be important in real life if you’re working with a recipe that uses an unusual method of measuring liquids. However, it’s most likely that you’ll encounter a problem like this in science class. The challenge of calculating the weight of water really comes down to understanding what it means to find the weight of water. This […]

How to Use SOHCAHTOA? Tips and Examples

How to use SOHCAHTOA? In trigonometry, the study of right triangles begins. The three main trig functions (sine, cosine, and tangent) and their reciprocals (cosecant, secant, and cotangent) tell you something about the sides of a right triangle containing a given acute angle. The diagonal side of this right triangle (or any right triangle) is called the hypotenuse. The 3-unit […]