Virtual Meeting – Are They The New Trends?

It is a form of online communication in which people meet by video, audio, and text, regardless of their location. Virtual meetings allow people to share information, experiences, and data without having to physically be present at the same location. Meetings with virtual participants are usually conducted using video teleconferencing software, for example, Microsoft’s Skype or Adobe’s Connect or Zoom, […]

What Is The Meaning Of Species Diversity?

The diversity of species in a given community is defined as the number of species within it. To obtain the same mean proportional species abundance as observed in the data set of interest, the effective number of species must be the same as that observed in it. In an area with an equal abundance of all species, biodiversity is greatest. […]

Realistic Fiction: What Is It?

A realistic fiction piece depicts a real scenario, even though the writing is fictional. Fiction that matches reality contains believable characters, settings, conflicts, and resolutions. Because they tend to portray events from the present or recent past, these stories are easy for readers to relate to. Themes within their stories are particularly relevant to readers today. The setting, dialect, technology, […]

Preconventional Morality: What It Is And Its Stages Of Development

A theory that focuses on how children develop morality and moral reasoning within the framework of Kohlberg’s ethical development theory. Kolberg’s theory proposes a series of six stages of moral development, with each stage defining a different aspect of morality. In addition to that, the theory further argues that moral logic is primarily driven by the pursuit of and maintenance […]