What is Angular Speed: Formula & Examples?

Ever wonder how fast the Earth orbits the Sun? How to calculate it? What is it even called? It’s called angular speed. This is the rate at which an object rotates over time. Mathematically, the definition is the change of the central angle of an object over time. It calculates the distance or the number of revolutions an object covers during […]

What is an Oral Fixation and What are the Types?

Generally, a fixation is an obsessive drive that may or may not be acted upon and involves an object, concept, or person. In the early stages of psychosexual development, fixation is a persistent focus of the pleasure-seeking energies of the id. In the psychosexual stage, oral, anal, and phallic fixations are caused by unresolved issues. This leaves the individual focused […]

What is Imperialism & What are Reasons for Imperialism?

A basic definition of economic imperialism is the export of capital from one country to another. In order to arrive at a more substantive general definition than this, considerable challenges must be overcome. This is because the very meaning of the term is in great measure dependent upon the particular theoretical framework in which it is employed. All frameworks examine […]

Savoir Conjugation: How to Conjugate the French Verb?

Savoir (“to know”) is one of the top 10 most common verbs in French. As with many of the most common verbs in French, savoir has an irregular conjugation. It’s so irregular that you just have to memorize the full conjugation since it doesn’t fall into a predictable pattern. “Savoir” as an Irregular French “-ir” Verb Savoir fits one pattern – it is […]

How Heavy is A Gallon Of Milk?

How Much Does A Gallon Of Milk Weigh? If you know an object’s weight, you can determine which method to use to transport it. It may be necessary to use a cart or dolly for heavier items. Lighter items can be carried by hand. It also helps you determine the quantity of something. By knowing the weight of the milk, […]

Degrees of Freedom: Formula, Explanations, & Principle

A degree of freedom definition is a mathematical equation used primarily in statistics, but also in physics, mechanics, and chemistry. In a statistical calculation, the degrees of freedom indicate the number of values that can vary in the calculation. Degrees of freedom can be calculated to ensure the statistical validity of t-tests, chi-square tests, and even the more elaborated f-tests. […]

Constant of Proportionality: How to Solve it?

The relationship between two variables can be expressed as y = kx or y = k/x if both variables are directly or indirectly proportional to one another. In this case, k determines how the two variables are related. It is known as the constant of proportionality. What is the Constant of Proportionality? A constant of proportionality is the ratio between […]

Parent Functions and Transformations: Explanations

The parent functions are the simplest group of functions in mathematics. Find out what this means by exploring the definition and examples of the parent function in math. Study exponential functions, linear functions, cubic functions, rational functions, and others. Basic Parent Functions You will probably study a few “popular” parent functions and work with them to learn how to transform […]

Graphing Functions: Types of Function Graphs

Graphing functions consist of drawing the graph (curve) of the corresponding function. It is fairly easy to graph basic functions like linear, quadratic, cubic, etc. Complicated graphs, such as rational, logarithmic, etc, require some skill and some mathematical concepts to understand. Let’s look at how to graph functions with examples. Graphing Basic Functions Basic functions like linear functions and quadratic […]