Change Of Base Formula In Logarithms

In the example below, let’s see what the value of the expression would be log2(50) Ever since 50 does not represent a rational power of 2Without a calculator, it is difficult to estimate. The majority of calculators, however, only implement logarithms directly in base-10 and base-e. For this reason, to find the value of log2(50). The base of the logarithm must first be changed. Change in […]

Conditional Tense Spanish And How To Use It

This is one of the easier Spanish verb tenses to conjugate because of the conditional tense. In Spanish, this tense is called simple conditional or conditional simple. It is easier to conjugate than other tenses since the regular ‘ar’, ‘er’, and ‘ir’ verbs are all the same in conjugation. Additionally, the irregular verbs in these tenses are relatively few. The […]